Barkley & Associates Nurse Practitioner Review Course

 Yes, the time has finally arrived- preparing to take my NP board exam!  I've been studying for the exam using the materials I received while attending the Barkely & Associates review course.  I took this 2 day course several weeks ago along with several other NP students in my graduating class.

I will first start off by saying that I've taken review courses before- once for the GRE and once for the NCLEX and because of those experiences, I had low expectations for this course.  Well, to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement!  Thomas Barkley, the owner of the company, taught the 2 day course at a hotel in Philadelphia and he did an excellent job!  He was engaging, funny, direct and covered a lot of material in a short time.

Each student received a manual the same manual that he reviewed during the course and what has now become my bible for the board exam.  Barkley & Associates students have a 99% pass rate.  He highly recommends studying from only his course material for the test.  There is also an option to purchase the CD's of the live course, which some of the students did instead of the live course and some did both.  In addition, you can purchase practice tests which give you the correct answers and rationale for each question and a breakdown of what you missed based upon the particular topic. 

I would highly recommend a review course to anyone preparing to take the NP board exam and based upon my experience, I highly recommend Barkley & Associates (this is not a sponsored post). 


  1. When do you take your boards? I'm sure you'll kill it! Good luck!

  2. Sophia, I'm a newly minted ACNP. I passed my boards back in May. I took Dr. Barkley's course and it to say it was worth is an understatement.
    His course material was my bible, and it served me well.
    Best of luck on your exam!!!!

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

  3. Strangely enough, I never took a review course. I just plunged right in and passed. I didn't want to spend the extra money at the time. Good luck !

  4. I'm seeing so many posts about NP review materials and I feel like I was the oddball out because I never took any of them. I just brushed up on my notes and jumped in head first and came out the other side a glowing holder of my passing grade. You'll be fine either way!

  5. Ladies, how long after a review course is it good to take the board exam? are 11 days too soon?

  6. I went to CSULA and Dr Barkley taught my Advanced Med/Surg class and he was also my clinical instructor for my MICU clinicals at UCLA Medical Center. I had no idea he had started this company! I feel honored to have been taught by him.

    I am applying for a DNP program for next fall and I will definitely use his coursework for when I sit for my boards. Thanks for the recommendation!


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